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How It Works

Joining the Pledge to Measure gives employers access to a community of other organizations moving through similar transitions in their culture and operations. By learning to measure and share disability metrics, we can all move forward together.

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Step 1

Join the Pledge

When you’re ready to get started on making your workplace more accessible, reach out to our team to begin your registration process. And don’t worry: we’ll provide you with an array of guides and documentation to support your leadership internally communicating your commitment.

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Step 2

Gather Insight

The next step is to grow the habit of self-disclosing diability in the workplace across your entire organization. We’ve learned from experience how organizations can measure disability without creating unnecessary churn, so you’ll have ample resources on-hand to guide implementation within your company.

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Step 3

Share Your Progress

As humans, we learn the most about our own capabilities by living in community with others; by joining the Pledge to Measure, your organization will become a meaningful role-model for other organizations looking to improve representation and inclusion in the workplace.

A Better Life Foundation Testimonial

"This gave us yet again a great opportunity to assess our work towards offering an inclusive workplace. The documents provided to help us organize and coordinate our survey were very clear and useful."

Ash MacLeod

Managing Director & Partner
A Better Life Foundation

2023 Metrics

  • 25 Total Number of BC Employees
  • 14 BC Employees Self-Identified as Having a Disability
  • 2 BC Senior Leaders Self-Identified as Having a Disability

Start Measuring Today!

Begin making a lasting impact today. Join the Pledge to Measure and be at the forefront of driving change in workplace inclusion. Take this powerful step to demonstrate your business's commitment to accessibility and create a safe space for your team to self-disclose. Your time to make a difference is now - be a catalyst for workplace inclusion transformation!

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